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How To Local seo packages With Minimum Effort And Still Leave People Amazed

This way, customers require companies to compete with each other to offer the same product at the best price or some differential added value. On the other hand companies use the Internet as a business tool core business, where they can showcase their products and services to all its potential customers. In addition to offering its customers seo packages for small businesses after sales services, contact direct, informative, etc. Because universal access to the Internet, it becomes difficult with excel from the competition and gain market visibility. Most users, and with them many customers who will be making an Internet transaction, reach the Web sites of companies passing by search engines. Because this is very important for these companies to get appear in the first Frequent search results to attract more users and potential customers.

Therefore, the objective of the project is to conduct a study on search engines understand the workings of its algorithm, and show a For advice where techniques are applied to improve positioning the website of a particular organization, to which I shall refer questions practices throughout the document as the client. Specifically, the customer is the store online of World Youth Day, which was held in the city from Madrid.. Motivation of the project. The primary personal motivation for embarking on this project is the to do something different. Viewing a business opportunity that I have been allowed a little closer to the world of work and listen to the real seo packages for small businesses needs a client. In addition, throughout the race I learned to develop their own ideas to solve practical problems that we can find in the world labor.

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Another major motivation was the way to approach the customer advice. It has sought ways to quantify a problem and offer a solution based on real data and not just on intuition. I believe in the need to adapt to new behaviors consumers and the evolution of the company to its new digital environment. I believe in making strategic decisions based on local seo packages facts and numerical data, without underestimating the intuition, experience and business insight. Objectives of the project. The objective of this project is divided into two aspects clearly differentiated:. Conduct research and documentation on search engines and its operation. To describe a strategy for solving a problem positioning a Website showing a success of this strategy. On the other hand, emphasize the goal of learning to engage in professional relationships with a real customer and the problem domain, identifying needs and actual requirements. So you have to master a specific jargon and translate it seo packages for small businesses to client to a language to assimilate and understand. In addition to treating He frequently with questions and problems that may occur during development counseling.. Description of the customer.

The World Youth Day (WYD) is a great religious and cultural event, every three years brings together young people from around the world for a week in a city chosen previously. Its aim is that youth share during that coexistence Christian values. WYD is the most international and multitudinous event organized by the Church Catholic worldwide. On this occasion, he was held from to see more in August in Madrid, they attended by more than one million and a half pilgrims. They look for a way of selffunding, they created an online store for commercialize own products (e. g. official t). For the development of the online store, the customer had an external company that developed a page Web and created a database where stored products online store. Also, supported by a physical outlet located in Madrid online shop should allow the sale of goods to all customers who do not reside in Madrid.

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